OXYGEN (UN1073) and Oxygen ISO Tank Rental


Colourless and odourless gas. Many materials burn in oxygen that do not normally burn in air. Reduces the flash-point temperature and increases the combustion speed. Gas density is heavier than air.


Oxygen is obtained on a commercial scale by the liquefaction and subsequent distillation of air. For very high purity oxygen it is normally necessary to take the product from an air separation plant through a secondary purification and distillation stage. Alternatively high-purity oxygen may be produced by the electrolysis of water. Lower purities of oxygen can also be produced with membrane technique.


Our 20′ iso cryogenic tank containers can be used in many applications for oxygen and can be prepared to meet a range of purities, from industrial to medical.

Many oxidation reactions in the chemical industry use pure oxygen rather than air in order to benefit from higher reaction rates, easier product separation, higher yields, or smaller equipment size.

  • High-purity oxygen is used for the formation of silicon dioxide and metal oxide, as an etchant for photo resist, and in mixtures with halocarbons for etching silicon.
  • Oxygen is also used in conjunction with hydrogen to fuel torches for welding, brazing, glass blowing and tube sealing for a variety of electronic components such as reed relayswitches.
  • High-purity oxygen is used in conjunction with high-purity methane in Advanced Gas Cooled (AGR) nuclear reactors to maintain an appropriate carbon balance in the (CO₂) gascoolant in the nuclear core.High-purity oxygen is used in the optical fibre production process.
  • Injecting oxygen into sewage treatment plants accelerates the decomposition of sewage.
  • Oxygen is used for chemical synthesis.
  • Oxygen is used as an oxidiser. Oxygen is used to supplement or replace air in burners used in many different industries in order to obtain increased temperatures. Typical applications are found in the steel,non-ferrous, glass and concrete industries amongst many others.
  • Oxygen is used for flame sealing of glass ampoules for finished products for the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry.In the food industry, oxygen is used in the transportation oflive fish and seafoods.
  • Oxygen is used for enrichment of air during fermentation.Mixed with other gases, oxygen serves in the production of breathable atmospheres (O₂ + CO₂: reanimation; O₂ + He orO₂ + N₂: underwater diving).
  • Oxygen is used in some cases for modified atmosphere repackaging (MAP) of food stuffs. It is used either pure or in mixtures with carbon dioxide and/or nitrogen.
  • Liquid oxygen is used in liquid oxygen explosives, and as a comburent in space propulsion.
  • Oxygen is used in the medical field, as pure gas and in mixtures.
  • Oxygen is also used in calibration gas.
  • Oxygen is used in metal treating laser applications.
  • Oxygen is used in cutting and welding

Oxygen Tank Rental

Bofort offers rental and leasing services of cryogenic ISO tank container equipment to specialized gas transportation companies, cryogenic gas manufacturers, on- and offshore nitrogen service companies, and other end-users.

We build to specifications, offering as much flexibility to our clients as possible. All our equipment is suitable to carry and store liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid oxygen (LOX) and liquid argon (LAR).

Whilst recognizing the need to have dedicated  equipment for specific trades and products, most of our equipment is also suitable to carry and store carbon dioxide (CO²), nitrous oxide (N²O), ethylene , ethane and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

 Oxygen tank rental/Cryogenic ISO tank containers :


  • Safety: tanks are built to highest international safety standards and imply with all international regulations; they are the safest means to transport specific quantities of cryogenic gases in bulk.
  • Intermodal: suitable to be carried using all modes of transportation: truck, train, barge, ship
  • Ecological: given their suitability for intermodal transportation, distribution of gases in bulk over medium and long distances can be done by environmentally-friendly means, such as rail, barge and short-sea.
  • Intermediate storage: with holding times of up to over 100 days (depending on the type of gas and climate conditions), tank containers offer flexibility to transport and store gases in the supply-chain as ‘moving pipelines’, mobile buffer tanks for large industrial cleaning and maintenance jobs, pipe purging, etc.
  • Economic: as a result of the features listed above, cryogenic tank containers often result in optimization of the supply chain and monetary savings.

Rental options

  • LNG Tank rental/Cryogenic ISO tank container rental- short-term rental: Bofort keeps a stock of tanks at designated depots to cover short-term needs in the market. Rental periods: 1 week to 6 months.
  • LNG Tank rental/ Cryogenic ISO tank container  – operating leasing: medium and long-term operating lease structures are offered to those clients looking for operational and financial flexibility.
  • LNG Tank rental/Cryogenic ISO tank container  – finance : tailor-made finance lease structures are offered on selected cryogenic tank equipment, with a view to accommodating clients’ specific capital structure needs and requirements.


  • Cryogenic handling equipment rental and finance: in conjunction with its cryogenic tank container rental and leasing services Bofort advises in, and arranges lease structures for, specialist cryogenic equipment such as vaporizers and pumps

Fleet Management

  •  Bofort offers its services for the management of your tank container fleet and may act as your agent or representative in the acquisition and disposal of your tank containers.
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